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Used in the cleanrooms of Pharmaceutics, Electronics, hospital and labs as well to protect sensitive processes and products; Eliminate the infection risks of polluted airborne and prevent the spreading of harmful micro organism when running as the final stage of ventilation system or purify equipment

- Deep-pleated Filters: GBG Series
- Mini-pleated Filters: WGG Series Gasket, Gel sealant
- V-bank type in GI frame and Plastic frame: DFL Series
- Terminal Air Diffusers: Disposable, Filter Replaceable

Used as the ceiling hood modules, particularly suited for installation in operating theatres, sterile rooms, cleanrooms and wherever a high degree of air cleanliness is required, for both laminar and conventional flows.

- Precise filter to frame seal
- Minimum space requirement due to low profile
- Cost saving components made from extruded aluminium or painted steel
- Lightweight sturdy construction
- Special fitting available to ease on site testing
- Various designs to comply with different requirements
- Easy maintenance and HEPA filter replacement