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Shanghai Feierte Air Cleaning Tech Co., Ltd In 2001, Shanghai Feierte Air Cleaning Tech Co., Ltd. was established on the hot soil of Shanghai Pudong in the new century. Acting as a boom enterprise, SFET have manufacture lines involving coarse filters,medium filters, high temperature filters and HEPA filters. We are taking the advanced and international thought as the guidance, taking the supermental quality as the foothold, exploring and reclaiming unceasingly. The patented products have acquired enormous resonance soon after launching into the market. With the characteristics of good quality and reasonable price, our products have won popular praise and brought vast developing space to SFET, so that SFET has come to light in the HVAC field。  We always stick to the principle of Green Cleaning. That is to say, all of the normal temperature filters are made of synthetic or natural fiber, not fiberglass. All pocket filters are munufactured with our patented High-frequency Welding Technique and popular Ultrosonic Welding Tech. Therefore, our filters are the optimal products integrating the surpassing configuration and unmatched performances. On the account of leakage-free and perfect sale-after service, it becomes outstanding in the products of same industry. In the factory, we have outfitted a lot of advanced equipments used for special working procedures, such as high-frequency welding machine use to produce bag filters, folding machine, production line specially for filters with separators, mini-pleated machine to produce HEPA filters and variety of testing instruments and test line. In addition, we have organized a professional team to supply designing, installing, testing and maintaining services and we have incomparable advantages on the aspects of products R&D and system testing。  Our company is recogized as a specialist supplier to the automotive coating and spray painting facilities of many leading auto assembly companies in China. Our filters have been develped for and applied in scores of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems installed in plants and public buildings and are found protecting sensitive manufacturing processes, indoor arenas, high-tech equipments, medical facilities, gas turbines as well as food-processing, pharmaceutical and electronic facilites. Skilled and qualified staff, modern state-of-the-art machinery and fabrication methods, as well as advanced research and development, combine with an ISO 9001 quality system certified by the German TÜV quality assurance agency, to provide hundreds of excellent customers in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and America.

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