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Plenty of Chemical filter types are widely used in VOC removing fields, remove an extensive range of odors and common indoor air pollutants of lab, digital exchange rooms, museums & art centers, commercial buildings and clean rooms; also well suited for use in air make-up and re-circulation in office building, hospital, airport, food courts and manufacturing facilities.

Activated carbon filter is also called chemical filter. The activated carbon filter material is specially used to deal with the peculiar smell and pollution in the air, and it is also widely used in the air filter of air conditioning and ventilation places. The activated carbon filter material contains 100% surface adsorption capacity, which can effectively remove a large number of odor and harmful gases. According to the environmental requirements, different materials of activated carbon can be selected, such as activated carbon particles, activated carbon non-woven fabric, activated carbon foam and plate type activated carbon filter.

Basic parameters of activated carbon high efficiency filter characteristics of activated carbon high efficiency filter

1) The activated carbon is made of coconut shell and its tetrachlorination activity is more than 60%.

2) The outer frame can be made of waterproof cardboard, galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame and stainless steel.

3) The filter element is equipped with granular activated carbon, which has large specific surface area (over 2000), strong adsorption capacity and capacity. Through modified activated carbon, it can absorb specific gases, such as acid gas (H2S), alkaline gas (NH3), a series of molecular gases (AMC). Application scope of activated carbon high efficiency filter: 1) air filtration in public places such as airports, hospitals (such as wards of patients with respiratory organ diseases), office buildings, etc. can effectively remove the peculiar smell in the air and have the advantages of energy saving. 2) Museums, archives, libraries and other places, to remove sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants in the air, to protect the collection from damage. 3) The central control room of chemical, petrochemical, steel and other enterprises is used to protect precision instruments from corrosive gases. 4) Semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing enterprises remove "molecular contaminant" (AMC) to improve product quality and protect personnel health. 5) In the laboratory animal room, the odor is reduced, the quality of laboratory animal is improved, and the atmospheric environment is protected at the same time. The basic parameters of the plate type activated carbon filter 1) the filter element is the particle type activated carbon wrapped in non-woven fabric, fixed with non polluting glue, which has the characteristics of large specific surface and strong adsorption capacity. Other reference can be made to granular activated carbon filters. Activated carbon high efficiency filter can be customized according to the field non-standard
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